Repertoire of Life

HGCBT Spring Concert, May 29, 2009


Life and all its glory and struggle, joy and sadness, hope and sadness provide a bountiful foundation and unlimited opportunities to create art and dance of depth and breadth. In their latest performance, Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre unleashed a stunning and elegant program of dance based on these universal themes. 

The first half of the program was danced primarily by Hope Garden students to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and expressed not only the earthly seasons, but the growth from childhood fancy to the teenaged swirls of the winds of emotion and change. The remainder of the program, danced to music that ranged from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake to Duelin' Banjos, was performed by a mix of Hope Garden students and a handful of regional professional dancers. A variety of new and traditional pieces, including two Hope Garden classics, presented the varying loves of our life, from innocent children’s love to enduring parents’ love and all in between. 

The program presented a striking progression of ability, from the adorable four-year-olds' first leaps across the stage to a dazzling interpretation of the classic "Le Corsaire" danced by Dustin Kimball and Alicia Curtis of the Bowen McCauley Dance Company.

The lavish costumes and music were beautiful, but it was the choreography and the ability of the dancers that astonished many of the parents in attendance who had come simply to see their children perform. The entire program was elegant, thoughtful and full of emotion, often with charming touches of humor. These qualities have become the signature of Artistic Director Fran Ichijo and the Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre. 

There is no question that the performances of Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre have blossomed into a source of culture and quality entertainment that the residents of upper Montgomery County should embrace and support.