Princess Dreams and Other Wishes

HGCBT Fall Concert, December 12, 2009

December 12 found freezing temperatures throughout the mid-Atlantic states, but in the auditorium at Poolesville High School in the bucolic Agricultural Reserve of Poolesville, Maryland, the beautiful ballerinas and energetic dancers of Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre warmed the audience’s heart with their dreams of youth and fairy tale heroism. Recounting the fables and dreams of all ages and peoples to the music of our childhoods, the dance brought to life the princess graces of Cinderella and Sleeping Aurora, the warm-heartedness and courage of Jasmine and Belle, and the indomitable spirit of Mulan and Pocahontas. Also featured were time-honored classical solos from the royalty of the last two hundred years of ballet, such as Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadère, and Raymonda.

To the great pleasure and surprise of the attendees, many of the dancers, as well as guest singers, sang some of the well-known pieces for their fellow dancers. Professional dancers were also warmly welcomed as they joined the troupe as special guests and for partnering with the older, more accomplished dancers—all of whom exhibited a truly professional demeanor. The elegance, agility, strength, and exquisite perfection of the HGC Ballet Theatre continues to amaze and delight as these young dancers flourish under the direction of Hope Garden’s founder and artistic director, Fran Ichijo.


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