Previous HGCBT Spring Performances 


Jungle Book, 2019

Pocahontas, 2018 

Generation Variations 2017

Taking place at the beautiful new sate-of-the-art theaer at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD, Generation Variations celebrated masterworks and classics separated by 100 years.  Conceived by Mme Ichijo, this wwas a remounting of a ballet done 6 years before.  Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and other greats were highlighted as the best from their era, and harking back 100 years, the best classical ballets were respectively highlighted.  HGBA advanced students danced professionally and the younger students enjoyed dancing to the past era classics to the delight of the audience.  We were joined by Bowen McCawley Dance, performing a premieir of Des Vagues et Des Vents, which was a beautiful contemporary work choeographed by Lucy Bowen-McCauley.


Aladdin...and his Magic Lamp
June 4th, 2016

The audience was delighted with the show, "Aladdin" , put together magically by Artistic Director Fran Ichijo and the team of supporters that help build the show.  Set to music by Aram Khachaturian, the original story as told in the Arabian Night's tales is cleverly choreographed to tell the story and also to give each young dancer a chance to shine: the youngest ballet students were jewels in the first act.  For the second act of regaining his beloved from the sorcerer's enchantment, Aladdin must dance to save his life, and Ichijo creatively used the second act of Giselle to portray the sorcerer and his sorcerettes (instead of Wilis). SEE MORE...PHOTOS



Tutu By Two; The Ballet of Noah's Ark
May 16, 2015

Once again HGCBT and Artistic Director Fran Ichijo have presented a brilliant, original adaptation of a classic story. Noah and his ark presented a perfect vehicle for daring and sophisticated dance, creating a stirring and breathtaking telling of this ageless tale. Read the review of this latest triumph from the Monocacy Monocle: "The setting and music were stark and primal as the dancers, mere shadows of the intended beauty of humanity, moved across the stage. More like creatures of darkness, their movements were rigid and visceral..." MORE or VIEW PHOTOS



"A Christmas Carol" 2014
November 29, 2014

For the last several years, Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theater has delighted Poolesville audiences with its production of “A Christmas Carol,” a creative retelling of the classic Charles Dickens tale.  This year, Hope Garden thrilled a brand new audience by taking the show to a new locale, the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater, in Rockville. 


The Little Mermaid
May 31, 2014 

Everyone is familiar with the tale of the little mermaid, but audiences at Hope Garden Ballet’s production of The Little Mermaid this spring were treated to a version closer to the original Hans Christian Anderson tale. This tragic and haunting love story between the little mermaid and the prince was told in a show full of lush costumes and scenery, wonderful acting, and beautiful dancing. MORE or VIEW PHOTOS or VIEW PROGRAM


"A Christmas Carol" 2013
December 14, 2013

HGCBT's December, 2013 production of "A Christmas Carol" was a great success! New scenes and dances, coupled with an expanded cast and the maturing of our dancers, meant the audience was treated to the finest presentation of this original ballet to date. Of course it will be even better next year!

The Jungle Book
June 1, 2013 

A timeless tale of a boy lost in the dense jungle of India, Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” contains themes of respect, communication, integrity, and curiosity. While it may seem far from the world of ballet, HGCBT Artistic Director Fran Ichijo proved in this original adaptation that classic and modern dance is the perfect medium to express the jungle animals’ unique and colorful way that they communicate, each with their own unique dance of life. 


"A Christmas Carol" 2012
December 7 and 8, 2012

There’s a new production in town to compete with the various Nutcrackers, light displays, and holiday shows. For the second year now, the Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theater (HGCBT) has staged its own version of “A Christmas Carol,” that fuses dance, acting, and music to create a gem of this classic Dickens tale. Fran Ichijo, HGCBT artistic director, choreographed the ballet, beautifully telling the tale of a greedy, old man who finally learns the true meaning of Christmas.   


Pas de Dudes
June 1, 2012 

While classical ballet is considered by many as one of art’s purest treasures, there is a percentage of every audience that wishes to be almost anywhere else. The beauty and graceful athleticism is not enough to keep these restless patrons’ interest. These folks should get to know Artistic Director and Choreographer Fran Ichijo. With Pas de Dudes, this spring’s performance by Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre, Ms. Fran displayed her talent to take a timeless art form and make it captivating to an unusually diverse audience. 


A Christmas Carol
December 9 and 10, 2011

The word most heard in the lobby after both performances was “Wow!” 
Even audience members who have regularly attended HGCBT performances were transfixed by the completeness of “A Christmas Carol.” Every facet of the show was at least well done and showed the experience and maturity of this burgeoning ballet company.



Jubilee Steps
June 4, 2011

Jubilee Steps celebrated all the steps of our life with dance by showing the progression in the training steps of the smallest dancer to the seasoned performer. The performance began with "Dancer Diaries," reflecting the do’s and don’ts of the classroom, and culminated with the glorious White Swan Grand Pas de Deux, the epitome of classical ballet. Hope Garden Children’s Ballet and Artistic Director Fran Ichijo have done it again! 

Noel Notes
December 11, 2010

Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre dazzled their audience Saturday night with their holiday performance of "Noel Notes." This young dance theatre group has grown in ability, creativity and presentation in every performance, but this dynamic offering showed a tremendous leap forward in theatrical presentation and boldly trumpeted that HGCBT is now a legitimate source of quality entertainment in the region.


Classical Elements
May 16, 2010

While some of the classical elements made themselves known to us outside of Poolesville High School—the wind picked up, the rains came, spring-induced vigor stirred the Earth—on May 22, all the glory and energy of the five elements were present on the stage of the PHS auditorium.  Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and the Fifth Element (Aether in classical mythology) danced with zest in the guise of the Hope Garden Ballet dancers. 

Princess Dreams and Other Wishes
December 12, 2009

Recounting the fables and dreams of all ages and peoples to the music of our childhoods, the dance brought to life the princess graces of Cinderella and Sleeping Aurora, the warm-heartedness and courage of Jasmine and Belle, and the indomitable spirit of Mulan and Pocahontas. Also featured were time-honored classical solos from the royalty of the last two hundred years of ballet, such as Sleeping Beauty, La Bayadère, and Raymonda. 

Repertoire of Life
May 29, 2009

Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre unleashed a stunning program based on the universal themes of life and all its glory and struggle, joy and sadness, hope and disappointment. The beginning of the program was danced primarily by Hope Garden students to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and expressed not only the Earthly seasons, but the growth from childhood fancy to the teenaged swirls of emotion and change. The remainder of the program, danced to music ranging from Swan Lake to Duelin' Banjos, was performed by a mix of Hope Garden students and a selection of regional professional dancers. 

Generation Variations
December 19, 2008

The Poolesville High School stage was the setting for Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre's "Generation Variations," comprising the new and the old, the very traditional and the contemporary in dance and music under the artistic direction of Fran Ichijo. The dancers performed the "classics" separated by 100 years... Tchaikovsky and Elvis, Beethoven and the Beatles. The students danced through history from European classics to American classics, showing the proud heritage of both eras. 

All Things Celestial
May 30, 2008

Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre's spring concert was all about stars: constellations, the Milky Way galaxy, and even the desire to become a "star" or a famous dancer. Dancers performed to the music of Dmitri Shostakovich, whose vast and broad music lends itself beautifully to dance. The variety of the dances enabled our talented and enthusiastic dancers to draw out a wide range of emotions from our audience. Beautiful costumes, lighting and sets added to the pageantry of another breathtaking concert by HGCBT.