The Birth of Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre

What is the difference between Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre (HGCBT) and Hope Garden Ballet Academy (HGBA)?  While they represent independent legal and financial entities, they do regularly interact with each other. Artistically, they are of the same mold, representing the same goals of excellence in ballet for our youth and for our community.

In 1998, Hope Garden Ballet began as a simple idea: three students, just Miss Fran teaching and sharing her knowledge to the few students who were there. As word spread of the caring atmosphere and correct classical ballet classes, the school steadily grew. An important component of the successful program was the biyearly recital by the school students. These recitals motivated the students, and the performances were able to develop in scope and content as the student body of Hope Garden Ballet matured, and the dancers’ abilities deepened and broadened.

Now, a legal non-profit entity, HGCBT provides opportunities for ballet students to perform in high-quality productions and in excerpts from the classical ballet repertoire as well as in original and contemporary choreography. Most of the students are from Hope Garden Ballet Academy, but not exclusively, and in the future, auditions will be open for dancers of the whole region to perform in these exciting concerts and productions—extending the reach of HGCBT and expanding the theatre’s mission to educate and inspire with classical ballet and good quality dance in all forms.