For HGCBT Performers

Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre currently produces two full-stage productions every year. We present two performances of our annual holiday classic, "A Christmas Carol," at the end of November or early December at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater in Rockville, Maryland. Our spring production, usually performed twice in late May or very early June, has for the last three years been original ballet interpretations of "The Jungle Book," "The Little Mermaid" and "Tutu by Two", the Ballet of Noah's Ark."

Performance Fees

All student performers must pay a peformance fee to participate in one of these productions. These fees help offset the high cost of theater rental, costumes and our elaborate sets and backdrops. This is a typical fee for most student ballet performances, and the HGCBT's fees are some of the lowest in the region. Please note that performance fees are not refundable. 

The performance fees for the Fall 2019 performance are $150 for Ballet I – IV students, and $200 for Ballet V and up.

Starting with the Fall 2015 semester, HGCBT will send invoices for late performance fees via email.  The due date for Fall 2019 is October 1st, after which there is a 10% late fee added.   Payment can be made either electronically with credit card or Paypal, or by cash or check at the studio. Performance Fees received past the due date (unless late registration) will incur a 10% fee.


To be considered for these productions a dancer must speak with Fran Ichijo, the artistic director of HGCBT. Dancers that are unkown to Ms. Fran will be asked to audition to determine their ability and suitability for the coming production. Dancers interested in performing in "A Christmas Carol" must contact Ms. Fran by July 31, and those interested in the spring production must make contact by December 1 of the previous year. This will allow time to schedule an audition and interview.

To contact Ms. Fran please call 301-466-1906 or email


In order to participate a dancer must commit to attend the rehearsals. The majority of rehearsals are on the Saturdays of the semester leading up to the production, but after school, evening and Sunday  rehearsals are sometimes needed. Rehearsals are also conducted one or both days of the weekend before each show, as well as the weekday afternoons of the week leading up to the performances. If a dancer is unable to attend a significant number of rehearsals for any reason, they may be told they can no longer perform.