Classical Elements

HGCBT Spring Concert, May 22, 6:30pm

While some of the classical elements made themselves known to us outside of Poolesville High School—the wind picked up, the rains came, spring-induced vigor stirred the Earth—on May 22, all the glory and energy of the five elements were present on the stage of the PHS auditorium.  Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and the Fifth Element (Aether in classical mythology) danced with zest in the guise of the Hope Garden Ballet dancers.

The audience was surprised and delighted by the little puffs of air and droplets of water, Mother Earth and flames—the dancers were on fire!—and the peaceful soul and joy of the Fifth Element. Bounding concertos of classical guitar, a riff of classical jazz, and the strains of classical symphonic music set the tempo for classical ballet and contemporary dance—all before the intermission!

Equally entertaining were the well-known variations from ballet’s classical repertoire such as Sleeping Beauty, Flames of Paris, La Fille Mal Gardée, and Swan Lake during the second half. Showing off incredible skill, grace, and beautifully-correct training, the dancers of the Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre amazed the audience. Rounding out the spring program were the famous and technically-challenging Paquita Variations which require tremendous control, unity, and energy from the dancers—performed to perfection. “It was incredible,” avowed a supporter of the arts.

Classical Elements was performed at the Poolesville High School Auditorium in Poolesville, Maryland.