Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre
A Community Garden that Grows

Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre (HGCBT) upholds the traditions and history of classical ballet while venturing into the world of contemporary ballet and movement—continuing the education of the young people involved, stretching their minds and exploring their understanding of movement art, anatomy, musicality, and theater. HGCBT hopes to extend its solid foundation in the community, teaching and spreading the message of beauty, culture, and the deep roots of Classical Ballet while including exciting adventures into contemporary dance. Our young dancers seek to educate and inspire audiences throughout the Maryland and D.C. region, striving to perform in many venues, including hospitals, senior homes, schools, and community settings.

HGCBT was launched in 2008 and officially became a non-profit organization in 2010. HGCBT is a separate entity from Hope Garden Ballet Academy, which is a private business owned and operated by Mme. Fran Ichijo. HGCBT has an independent and elected Board of Directors which works diligently to produce quality performing opportunities to classical dancers, primarily students, in the area. Our funding comes from four main sources; ticket sales to our performances, grants, sponsorship/donations, and from the performance fees paid by dancers that are in our productions. HGCBT works closely with Mme. Ichijo, who is the Artistic Director of HGCBT, and is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. Many of Mme. Ichijo's Academy students participate in our performances, as do other dancers in the region. Please contact us via email at pointe@hgcbt.org if you wish to enquire about future auditions and performing opportunities.


Fundraising Needs

The cost of hiring technical staff, renting the theater, costumes, and scenery, and purchasing costume materials and props is a major obstacle to creating concerts to match the caliber of these talented dancers. The dancers all pay a fee to participate in these productions, but our goal is to keep these fees very low in order to prevent anyone from being excluded from participation. 

Please consider supporting the goals, the children and the patrons of HGCBT through some level of support. We offer a variety of ways to contribute. If you have any questions please email HGCBT at pointe@hgcbt.org with your contact information and someone will get back to you promptly. By making any level of contribution you would be helping this community-oriented source of art and culture to continue to grow and achieve.