HGCBT Is On the Move!
After years of performing at the Poolesville High School Auditorium, HGCBT will perform our annual holiday classic in Rockville! Our wonderful dancers will thrill a broader audience with our original interpretation of "A Christmas Carol" on November 29 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater, about a mile from the Rockville Metro Station. Please join us as we usher in a new era for everyone at Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre! Tickets now on sale!


HGCBT Goes Fishing and Catches a Classic!
Inspired choreography and a wonderful score brought to life the beloved Little Mermaid, as well as a myriad of sea creatures, an evil sea witch, a handsome prince and a scheming palace court, in this original ballet adaption of the beloved Hans Christian Andersen Classic. Artistic Director Fran Ichijo showed once again her creativity while displaying the blossoming talents of this stunning troupe of dancers. MORE or VIEW PHOTOS

Scenes from HGCBT's spring performance "The Little Mermaid" May 31, 2014
Photos © Paolo Galli, 2014


Scrooge was at it again!
HGCBT's December, 2013 production of "A Christmas Carol" was a great success! New scenes and dances, coupled with an expanded cast and the maturing of our dancers, meant the audience was treated to the finest presentation of this original ballet to date. Of course it will be even better next year! MORE or VIEW PHOTOS 

Dancers and the Lions
On November 12, 2013 Members of Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre dropped in on the monthly meeting of the Monocacy Lions Club in Walkersville, Maryland. The troupe members stunned their audience with three dances from the upcoming performance of HGCBT’s “A Christmas Carol.” John Foster, Lizzie Phelps and Bubby Roland Jones performed “Golliwogs,” Carly Johnson danced the “Queen of the Gypsies” solo, and Suzanne Creedon performed as the “Golden Medallion.” Afterwards some of the dancers took to the podium and with the confidence and poise of seasoned performers explained to the gathering of community leaders how the art and discipline of ballet has helped sculpt them as individuals, and taught them the spirit of working as a group to achieve great things. Lion member Bill Jamison, the troupe’s sponsor for the evening, later admitted that he, as well as the rest of the group, did not fully understand how talented and poised HGCBT’s dancers are, and what a wonderful asset the program is to our small community. The dancers all expressed the desire to perform again for this delightful group! 


It's a Jungle Out There!
A timeless tale of a boy lost in the dense jungle of India, Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” contains themes of respect, communication, integrity, and curiosity. On June 1st, 2013, HGCBT Artistic Director Fran Ichijo proved in this original adaptation that classic and modern dance is the perfect medium to express the jungle animals’ unique and colorful way that they communicate, each with their own unique dance of life. VIEW PHOTOS


HGCBT is Growing in the Community 
On April 14, 21 dancers from Poolesville’s Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre performed for residents of The Village of Rockville retirement community. The dancers, ages seven to seventeen, presented several classical ballet variations as well as dances from their upcoming production of The Jungle Book, an original adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling classic, which will be performed on June first at Poolesville High School. As part of its mission, Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre, which was founded in 2008 under the artistic direction of Fran Ichijo, goes into the community to educate and inspire audiences of all ages with high quality ballet performances. At the conclusion of this event dancers presented audience members with carnations as a token of appreciation. The performance was received with enthusiasm and the ballet theatre was invited to return for future engagements. VIEW PHOTOS 


HGCBT Performs at International Night
On March 1st Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre participated in Monocacy Elementary School’s “International Night,” a celebration of cultures from around the world. Our dancers performed three famous pieces; The Scarf Dance from “La Bayadere,” a story from India; the Italian tale of Harlequin and Columbine, and a French Gypsy dance from “La Esmeralda.” The audience was very impressed with the quality of the dancing, and cheers broke out when one of the dancers was recognized as a Monocacy student. The event was a wonderful opportunity to show how the universal art of ballet can be translated into so many cultures.  


About Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre
Hope Garden Children’s Ballet Theatre (HGCBT) is a recently-launched non-profit organization created to provide performance opportunities to not only the students of Hope Garden Ballet Academy, but to any classical dancers in the region who wish to display their talents.